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iCharger 4010 DUO Premium Glass Screen Protector - Matte Anti-Glare

iCharger 4010 DUO Premium Glass Screen Protector - Matte Anti-Glare

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BROTECT® AirGlass® Premium Glass Screen Protector, the Extra-Hard and Ultra-Light sidekick for your iCharger!

This glass sidekick BRO is new in Europe and contains an exclusive and revolutionary technology in screen protection - AirGlass®, exclusively offered by BROTECT®!

It is 2x thinner and lighter and therefore more flexible than all the other glass protectors on the market. And it still offers the extra strong anti-scratch hardness of glass protectors.

Its Ultra-Light properties and High-Transparency ensure you have a clear and sharp view of all the screen content, while providing a unique touch-screen sensitivity.

The BRO has an additional Anti-Fingerprint layer that prevents dirt and fingerprint smudges and ensures that they can be easily removed.

The adhesive layer ensures that the BRO glides smoothly onto your iCharger for a bubble-free and easy installation.

The sidekick for your iCharger is manufactured with care by our specialist team in Germany. Have fun with it and enjoy the feeling!

P.S.: Our sidekick BRO is made of real glass and still flexible! See for yourself: Twist the piece of AirGlass® remaining on the release film.

One package (set) contains:
1 BROTECT® AirGlass® Premium Glass Screen Protector for iCharger. For devices with multiple displays, the package contains one film for each display.

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